Hiking on Lions Head and Tablemountain

After our walk in Bo-Kaap, just as we came to the room, our roommate convinced us to come along to the Lions Head to see the sunset. So we quickly changed into sports clothes, packed the camera and water in a backpack and an ordered an Uber. We had nearly an hour left for the climb before the sun would go down, so we had to hurry. Jonna and I gave up close to the top and enjoyed the view from there. The sunset over the sea, the view of Table Mountain, Camps Bay and the city is incredibly beautiful.


Lions Head CapetownLions Head CapetownTablemountain CapetownLions Head Capetown Sunset

Since we liked it so much, we wanted to go right back the second evening. This time all the way up! -The view was even nicer. On the weekend you should plan more time, because it is more crowded, especially at the top. As we were sitting up on the edge this time, we could watch how clouds were forming among us and suddenly all of us were in the middle of the clouds. It was quite cold and windy! 

Lions Head CapetownTablemountain CapetownLions Head CapetownLions Head CapetownLions Head Capetown

On Sunday we headed to the Lions Head in the afternoon, but not to the top, but to Wally’s Cave, where we were by ourselfs and could enjoy the sun. As you can easily see, we really liked the Lions Head.

Wallys Cave Lions Head CapetownWallys Cave Lions Head CapetownWallys Cave Lions Head Capetown

We also wanted to conquer the Tablemountain by foot and not take the cablecar to go up. So in the second week, we got up at half past five and took an Uber to the Tablemountain. If you pass by the cablecar station, a small hut comes up on the right side and from there we started.

Tablemountain CapetownTablemountain CapetownTablemountain CapetownThanks to our early start we were able to climp up before the sun stood high enough to make us sweat. It was rather cold and on top also quite windy. The scheduled time for the route is 2 to 2.5 hours, but we did it in about 1.5 hours. However, it was really exhausting and we took the cablecar to get back down.

Tablemountain CapetownTablemountain CapetownTablemountain CapetownTablemountain CapetownTablemountain CapetownI really miss our evening hikes and the beautiful views. I can recommend everyone to at least climb the Lions Head by foot.


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